About Us

Industrial Lubricants & Products Co. Inc based in York PA, has provided a comprehensive selection of commercial, industrial engine oils, lubricants, and related products to serve your needs since 1988. Our team takes pride in prioritizing our customers to deliver quality service. We deliver throughout Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and many other places across the Midwest and East Coast!

Latest News & Updates:

We are proud to announce that we have resumed production of our quality Tire Lube/Penetrating Oil! This oil is non-flammable, biodegradable, and PERFECT for cleaning machinery, tire beads, truck rampls, and tire removal!

IL&P Tire Lube is an industrial strength penetrating lubricant that quickly creeps between tire beads and rims, as well as other close tolerance parts to dissolve and loosen rust, corrosion, dirt, and scale.

As it penetrates deep into the tightest areas, it carries lubricating oil to free stuck or frozen parts for easy removal and smooth operation. The solvents in IL&P Tire Lube will clean & remove grease, tar, sludge, and other build-ups. Additionally, it will help protect metals & prevent future seizing.

Use IL&P Tire Lube to save time, effort, and money in many industrial automotive, and tire shop applications.

For information on pricing & availability, please contact us:

  • Phone: 717 – 767 – 6457
  • Direct Phone: 717 – 332 – 4737
  • Email: mrawicz1@gmail.com
  • Address: 3337 N George St, Emigsville, PA 17318


NEW: Tire Lube/Penetrating Oil ↗

  • Nonflammable
  • Biodegradable
  • Great for tire removal
  • Cleaner for:
    • Metals
    • Tire Beads
    • Machines
    • Truck Ramps

Lubricant Brands ↗

  • Castrol Lubricants
  • Mobil Lubricants
  • Valvoline Lubricants
  • Medallion Plus
  • Contamination Control Brands
  • Metalworking Brands
  • Chemical & Cleaner Brands

Engine Lubricants ↗

  • Engine Oil
    • Bulk Engine Oil
    • Engine Oil Quote
    • Synthetic Engine Oil
    • Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil
    • Green Engine Oil
    • Conventional Engine Oil
  • Transmission fluid
    • Synthetic Transmission Fluid
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Other ↗

  • Industrial Lubricants
    • Hydraulic Fluid
    • Industrial Grease
    • Food Grade Lubricants
    • Gear Oil
    • Metalworking Fluids
  • Filtration
    • Air Filters
    • Industrial Filters
    • Bulk Filtration
    • Engine Oil Filters
    • PetroChoice Portable Filtration
    • Contamination Control Products
      • Oil Safe
  • Chemicals and Cleaners
    • Antifreeze
    • Window Wash
    • Valvoline Professional Series (VPS)